New administration, new leadership, new year, and a new you.

With the new year, we have a new ACT President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Trustees, and new web staff. This new year, we at ACT plan on being more active in our community and in surrounding areas as well. We will be more active in supporting our fellow humans, and continue to do so regardless of their status as a believer or non-believer alike. With the impending uncertainty of the new elected officials of the United States, we must be ready for expected coming challenges. We are not alone. As secularists, we must protect our ecosystem, since we are as bound to it as it is bound to us. We must continue to provide aid to those in need and give others a sense of hope in which, even in troubled times, they may discover that they can rely on their fellow humans. We are a community based not on a shared disbelief; we instead come together with a common set of values: logic, reason, and compassion. These are the things that carry us into the future.