Dan was born in Mississippi where he was and raised as a Southern Baptist. In 1965, he relocated to Springfield, MO at the age of 17 years and in the fall of 1966, enrolled at Southwest Missouri State College (now Missouri State University) in Springfield.

Later that year, he began attending the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Springfield, MO. Having grown tired of the unchanging topics he heard on Sunday mornings at First Baptist Church, he found something new and appealing at the Unitarian Fellowship.

He graduated from Southwest Missouri in 1971, went through the ROTC program, and spent the next two years in the U.S. Army in Germany. Upon returning to the U.S., he spent the next two years taking graduate level courses at SMSU. Following that, he taught junior high English and history for two years in eastern Missouri.

He hired on at the Frisco Railroad in 1978 and worked in Springfield until 1986, at which time he transferred to Tulsa. After thirty years of service to the railroad, he retired in 2008.

In 1988, Fred Edwords came to Tulsa and awarded a budding group of Humanists a chapter in the American Humanist Association, becoming the second chapter in the state of Oklahoma.

In 2006, he founded and organized Tulsa Atheist on Meetup and continued with his official duties until 2007.

He currently lives in Sand Springs, OK with his wife and continues to be a pioneer in the atheist community, becoming the first atheist to give the invocation at a Tulsa City Council meeting on August 30, 2012.