Native Tulsan and life long atheist, Kenny left Tulsa after high school and moved to Dallas Texas to became a professional stand-up comic. Known for wearing horns on his hat, he is a founding member and former Leader and Organizer of Tulsa Atheist who wrote, produced, and directed the Tulsa Atheist television commercial which made television history by being the first televised spot for an atheist social club shown on national networks including  A&E, Bravo, The Comedy Channel, The History Channel, The Discovery Networks, The Learning Channel, The Cartoon Network, National Geographic, and others in the local market. He was mentioned in the acknowledgements of the book The God Virus by Dr. Darrel Ray and featured world-wide in the popular cartoon strip, Bizarro. In September of 2012, he became known nationally for painting his rooftop with the Obama 2012 logo.