ACT Day Center for the Homeless Food Fundraiser

Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless Food Fundraiser

Once again this year the Atheist Community of Tulsa will provide healthy hot meals for many of our city's homeless. Last year we served nearly one thousand of our less fortunate neighbors. You have the opportunity to help out. A commercial kitchen has been donated and some volunteers have signed up (though we can always use more hands). All we need now is the food.

So we hereby announce the ACT Day Center for the Homeless Food Fundraiser! This is a 30 day event where we, as a group, come together to celebrate compassion and empathy. We're shooting for $1000 as each meal costs around $250-300. If every member of ACT put $20 in the bucket, we'll have far more than that.

There is no minimum donation. If what you can afford is $1, then you can donate $1 and know that you did all you could to help out. If you can do more, then, well, let's just say we hope you'll do the best you can.

Thanks so much for helping us prove that we can be good without gods, but more importantly, thanks for helping some hungry neighbors have a great meal!

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See the Tulsa Day Center Community Page for more details about the organization we support.