"Are you good without God? Millions are."

So read a billboard sponsored in part by Atheist Community of Tulsa and erected along I-44 in December of 2009.

And with this assertion comes a great responsibility. As morality is not a false dichotomy, it is not enough to stand idly by and -- by doing no bad -- think we're doing good. It is for this reason and cause we champion hosting blood/food/clothing drives, holding fundraisers for the poor, beautifying Tulsa by partaking in our own stretch of Adopt-A-Highway, and volunteering at the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless and Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

There are hundreds of rumbling stomachs, teary eyes, and broken hearts roaming the streets of Tulsa as we speak and let's face it: no amount of prayer will ever meet their demand for food or shelter. No amount of prayer will realize the need for blood or clean road sides.

Thus, we strive to show that two abled hands at work can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer - that we can live up to an assertion worthy of being advertised on a billboard.

Not only do our members prove everyday they are good without God, they prove to be one in a million.

Below are just some of the organizations or activities with which we have partnered:

Charity: Water
Child Abuse Network
Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Oklahoma Blood Institute
Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless