Bible Babbles (a.k.a. GodLessons) were a monthly educational series involving the purported "most read*" book of all time, the canonical collection of sacred texts in Christianity known as the Bible.

Beginning in January 1, 2011, the formats were typically "sermons" where topics ranging from the concept of hell, women in the Bible, homosexuals in the Bible, race and slavery in the Bible, et al., were discussed at length however the format changed in 2012 where sections of books in the Bible were read and discussed.

The studies have almost always been held at Eric's house.

*Having engaged many Christians regarding their holy writ, many of us disagree. Very few Christians have actually read the Bible in its entirety, rather they read verses or select portions. In other words, many Christians read the Bible as much as they read phone books.

In 2013, Bible Babble transitioned into a Book Club focusing on books related to members interests.