Potluck Official Meeting And Meet&Greet

1st off, I sincerely apologize this was not posted sooner, I thought I had made it couple weeks ago and came to check the RSVP's and couldn't find it. I know many may not even see this until it's too late, so so sorry! Below is description from our facebook event. Don't worry about bringing food, there will be plenty. Ahoy, mateys! It's time to meet your candidates for next year's Board of Directors and enjoy your favorite dishes!

We will be having a potluck this month, so bring your best chef skills to our ACT table!

Also, we will be playing Family Feud. We need two teams of five. Come with your knowledge!

We will also be taking some time to get to know the wonderful ACT members running for 2018, and what plans they have for our future.

This event will be held in the Conference Room (not the Lecture Room as usual). The 2017 Board of Directors will be meeting in the same room for the hour prior, but we'd invite all interested members to attend that as well.