raised of a $500.00 goal

Each year the Atheist Community of Tulsa is proud to support our LGBTQ members and neighbors by participating in the Tulsa Pride celebration, happening this year on June 7th, 2014.

Our table at Pride costs $500. The float for the Pride Parade will use $100 worth of materials.

We're looking to you to help us raise $600 to cover the cost of our participation in Pride this year.

We'll be there, promoting our message of inclusion, love and acceptance. We'll have atheism-related information and merchandise available for purchase. We'll let our community know that we're here, we're non-believers, and we love them.

We'll also have a really good time, by the way, so if you want to help out by volunteering please let us know by emailing

Thanks so much for your generosity. You don't have to give much for your influence to go a long way.