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We utilize Meetup, and, primarily, Facebook, for members to interact with one another between our events. Feel free to join us on our Meetup page or our secret Facebook group. The Facebook group is secret for privacy and you will have to request access through a facebook friend who is a member.

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Some folks just hang out with the Atheist Community of Tulsa; others are members. Dues-paying members know that they’re the reason ACT can make a positive impact in Tulsa. The $20 they pay for a year’s membership goes to pay for everything from feeding the homeless (over 800 people a year) to supplies for cleaning up our Adopt-a-Highway spot. Not to mention the impact dues-paying members have internationally, with ACT helping to raise money for various charities the work around the globe.

In this and coming years, ACT will be expanding our activities in Tulsa. We’ll be spreading the word that atheists in our city aren’t alone, letting folks on the fence about being honest about their beliefs know that they don’t have to be afraid. We’ll be making sure that our neighbors know that they don’t have to be concerned about us, that we can be neighbors even if we disagree about religion. We want Tulsa to be a safe place for those of us who aren’t religious. ACT dues-paying members make it possible for the group to have a solid, empowering presence in our hometown.

You want in on that action?

If you’ve had a chance to see all of the things we do in our community, you can tell that much of that takes money. We ask that members who can make a contribution to our community do so to whatever extent they are able to afford. In deciding how much to donate, we encourage you to think seriously about what the atheist community has done for you and what more you think it could achieve. Another way you can help is by volunteering your time and talents; one way is to help organize a particular event or serve on a committee. If you’d like to be a dues paying member for 2014, you can do so by paying below. Paying dues allows us to secure venues, feed the homeless, organize and advocate for secular priorities, and much more. Being a dues-paying member supports all of our efforts and gives you the ability to vote in the annual elections and at general membership meetings. Thank you for supporting us.

2015 Budget

Here is where your money is going in 2015 (to be updated):


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